ST3 General Survery – Clinical scenario
  1. you are on call and the gastroenterologists would like you to see a patient with UC suffering with an acute flare up that they believe will need an urgent subtotal colectomy. The consultant on call with you is a breast surgeon. The colorectal consultant is not in the building at present. At the same time, you receive a call that a suspected leaking AAA is being transferred from another hospital over to you. Lastly there is a child who is ten who is due for an appendicectomy, and theatres have called asking if you are ready for them to send. Part of your team includes a CT2 and an FY1. Consider what organisational and clinical issues need to be addressed.
  2. You are the st3 on call. You are called by a&e as they would like you to see an elderly severely demented woman who has sustained a head injury and has a GCS of 6. In addition, there is an 18 year old female who is hypotensive with RIF pain. In addition, there is one more patient who 25 years old who has been involved in an RTA, he has no obvious injuries and is haemodynamically stable. Part of your team includes a CT2 and an FY1. Consider what organisational and clinical issues need to be addressed.
ST3 General Survery – General Questions
  1. A senior colleague comes in to work smelling of alcohol for the second occasion, what do you do? (and subsets of this i.e.regulatory body/fitness to practice)
  2. What is the most difficult operation you have done unsupervised?
  3. Is there a role for unsupervised operating?
  4. Are simulators of any benefit to surgical training?
  5. What qualities make a good surgeon?
  6. How do you get the most out of your training ?
  7. What do you know about non technical skills in surgery?
  8. How do current changes to junior doctors affect training?
  9. Without opening your portfolio, what part of it are you most proud of ?
  10. was that the assessment of one person?
  11. What aspects of your practice would you like to improve upon?
  12. What are your future plans and where do you see yourself in 5-10 Years?
  13. Do you know of any national audits?
  14. Tell us about any audits you have been involved in?
  15. Can you describe the hierarchy of research?
  16. What experience do you have of research?
  17. When do you plan to finish the project and submit your thesis?
  18. What benefits have you gained from your research projects?
  19. How many publications do you have and did they come from the research project?